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Education & Learning

In recognition of our belief that everyone has a right to access and engage with the arts throughout their life, and as illustration of our arts development function, The Dublin City Arts Office is in the process of devising an overarching education and learning policy statement that presents all actions of The Arts Office as having an educational/learning orientation.

For more on Dublin City Council Arts Office’s commitment to education and learning, visit or download our City Arts Plan.

Draft Arts, Education and Learning Policy Statement

Experiential Learning is one of the strongest assets of the arts – in formal and non formal education – as artforms – music, theatre, film, dance, visual arts, circus – are rich resources for physical, intellectual and emotional engagement and therefore natural intrinsic motivators leading to analytical skills and lifelong learning.

Programmes for Children and Young People

Dublin City Council Arts Office is working to increase opportunities for children and young people to access quality arts experiences through partnerships with City departments and complementary arts and cultural organisations.

Children’s Art in Libraries Programme

The Children’s Art in Libraries Programme (CAL) is an initiative of Dublin City Council Arts Office, working in partnership with Dublin City Public Libraries to deliver innovative programming for children across a broad range of art forms.

Drama in Schools Toolkit

The Drama in Schools Programme was developed and delivered by the Arts Office of Dublin City Council from 2003 to 2013 under the name ‘Drama in the Classroom’. The Toolkit is a resource produced by the Arts Office to assist educators in delivering drama teaching in schools.