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Past Exhibition

Chad Keveny


June 24 - August 10 2016

1916 Revisited is a series of portraits by Chad Keveny made in an attempt to understand how we keep memories alive, in particular the stories that are left untold for a long time. In his investigations around the commemoration of 1916, Keveny visited the Monto area where the LAB is based in Dublin’s north inner city and spoke to local historian, Terry Fagan whose portrait is included in the exhibition. He also visited the MacDonagh Heritage Centre in Tipperary and the Jackie Clarke Collection in Mayo. Along with painted portraits, the exhibition includes landscapes pertinent to the stories, overlaid by recordings of their conversations.

Chad Keveny’s sees his work as sociological research using painting and the studio. The paintings, he creates are documents which, shared with the public through both gallery and civic spaces, invite viewers to develop their own narratives and conclusions. Chad studied art in Toulouse and Krakow before returning to Ireland where he studied political science in Trinity College.  Since 2010, he has lived between Toulouse and Ireland.

His work has been exhibited in Europe, North America, Brazil and China. He has also worked on collaborative cross disciplinary projects, online, in print and on stage. He is particularly interested in developing new audiences and dialogues in his work through his process of portrait making and the contexts he exhibits the work.

Preview: 23rd June, 6pm-8pm

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