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Past Exhibition



September 12 - October 05 2007

C X Hayden is a Dublin based artist whose exhibition, Enclose, is a photographic study of the enclosed spaces.  It examines the concepts of spatial limits and our relationship to them.  He is interested in the dichotomy between what seems to exist and what may not exist. The spaces are both manmade and created by nature.  Hayden is interested in the viewers perceptions of these enclosed spaces, the manner in which the limits of space evoke a sense of confinement for some, or security for others.

The images are charged with narrative, reflecting Hayden's background in cinematography.  Depending on our previous experiences of space, these contained spaces may unsettle or reassure.  Hayden is concerned with tension between was is seen and what is unseen, the temporal nature and indeed duality of our perceptions, tainted as they are by experience.  How we see things as a constant process of redefining normality through experience.  We are constanstly learning to see, our perceptions are in a state of transition.

The construction of a personal narrative account of the image by the observer lies at the heart of the project.

CX Hayden is a graduate of MSc Multimedia in Dublin City University and the Ecole Supériieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques in Paris.  Recent solo exhibitions include Border No Borderat the Basement Gallery Dundalk, Clotworthy Arts Centre Antrim and the Courthouse Arts Centre in Co. Wicklow.

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