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Past Exhibition

I see a darkness II

Mark Cullen

September 09 - October 24 2009

"In a strange vertigo, I looked for reassurance ... but the stars shone through all. It was as though all terrestrial things were made of glass, or of some more limpid, more ethereal vitreosity."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Star Maker, Olaf Stapeldon

I see a darkness II continues Cullen's exploration into cosmological states of awareness. Through negation of the interior architecture of The LAB, Cullen sets up a stage for experiencing the artwork as positioned in imaginary time, whereby the viewer may participate in a zone operating at odds to the concerns of mundane time. When describing the conditions of the universe, Stephen Hawkins utilises the concept of imaginary time, which runs perpendicular to standard time, in order to sidestep the ultimate breakdown of physical laws at the point of a singularity. Cullen reconsiders the idea of imaginary time as time engaged with culture and meaning, stepping out from the considerations of the daily grind of capital and economy to engage with concerns that perplex the human condition.

Mark Cullen attempts to slowdown the viewer’s engagement with the sited artwork. He wants the viewer to become a participant within an immersive experience: to question what it means to be a thinking, embodied being, inside an artwork. What are the implications both physically and mentally? Ideas of place/site/space, embodiment, science/futurology/sci-fi and the imagination are critically explored in his work. The observer’s insertion in the work enacts a parallel insertion into a relationship with these ideas. He is interested in transporting the viewer into a space where art’s ability to stretch logic, time, material and experiential possibilities is apparent, and crucially to entice the viewer into considerations of a cosmological nature.

Mark Cullen was born in Dublin in 1972. Cullen works with various media.  Works include MAIM XI for Irish Museum Modern Art, Temporary Portable Reservoirs at The Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin and Siege House, London. Recent works include Blackflash at G126, STAR P*WER at Flicker, The Burren College Gallery, Star Gazing at 52° North at Synaesthesia Sat, Workhouse Birr Arts Festival. In 2007 he attended a residency at El Levante in Rosario, Argentina and spent time at the CASLEO observatory in EL Leoncito, Argentina.In 1995 with Brian Duggan he was the co-founding partner of Pallas Studios, Dublin. He is also a director and curator of Pallas Contemporary Projects a space for experimental art in Dublin. 

www.pallasprojects.org | www.pallasheights.org | www.pallasstudios.org | www.markcullen.org

He is also a director and curator of Pallas Contemporary Projects a space for experimental art in Dublin.

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