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Past Exhibition


Curated by Sheena Barrett & Lee Welch

December 14 - January 20 2007

Four and The LAB are pleased to present LAUNCH, an exhibition supporting recent graduates. LAUNCH was initiated to support young emerging Irish artists at an early stage in their professional practice. This year LAUNCH will help navigate the selected artists' careers with definition, giving them support and advice along with practical information to gain public exposure.  This year we are pleased to announce a new award in collaboration with Broadstone Studios.  The award is designed to support an artist by providing the space and support necessary for them to develop a first solo show. 





Drawing & Video Installation

Education: Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire

Donovan's work investigates the nature of the human condition, exploring choice, perception and responsibility. Within and regardless of the artificial construct, which encapsulates human history and progress, there remains at its crux the need for procreation.  It is no longer a question of life begetting life for reasons of sexual awakening (adolescence), but for ideas and notions regarding attraction and compatibility and the shade of love.

Exhibitions include: Autumn Show 2007 (Seahorse Gallery, Balbriggan, Co Dublin. 2007), Graduate Show (IADT, Dun Laoghaire. 2007), I use my Easel To Hang My Hat (Concourse, Dun Laoghaire, 2007), Lost Property (The Digital Hub, 2005), Mongrel (IADT, Dun Laoghaire. 2004).



Video Installation / Performance

Education: Dublin Institute of Technology

In her work Hanna investigates the dislocating effects of virtual spaces.  As we immerse ourselves in these our presence and position become malleable and non-fixed.  Hanna explores this lack of secure footing in a single space.  Disorientation is caused by the esthetic modeling of virtual spaces on real world spaces.  As the actuality of entities is becoming less significant we move more fluidly from space to space.  Her work is developed using these concepts as an anchor point.  It takes the form of video installation, performance to video and in some instances utilises appropriated footage.

Exhibitions include:  Annual Student Show (Catalyst Arts, Belfast, 2007), Cloudbusting (Stone Gallery, Dublin), Stick a Fork in me I'm Done, DIT Graduate Show (Dame Street Gallery & DIT Portland Row).




Education: BA in Fine Art Painting, Nation College of Art and Design.

Kevin Cosgrove's paintings relate to personal notions of labour, task, adventure, bravery and transition from boyhood to manhood. His ideas come from his upbringing and recount of men of high moral standing and virtue. We see conventional and capable men working and seeking no special reward. Patience, isolation and repetition of task convey a kind of overlooked hero. These themes are carefully juxtaposed with the context of city, academic and bohemian living. 

Night, dawn, daytime and indoor light conditions are eagerly attempted by way of a painting technique that is casual and unassuming. A candid employment of painterly tricks often results in an amusing or slightly absurd depiction of an interior, a momentary look of concentration on a labourer's face or an act of bravery.

We see some paintings are left open ended. Depictions of workspaces show sleek forms such as boat hulls or light aircraft bodies. Other details simply depict stacked wood or the support structure of a factory roof. 

Past Exhibitions

The Past is a Foreign Country

The Past is a Foreign Country

Anita Groener

May 24 - August 18 2019

The Last Great Album of the Decade

The Last Great Album of the Decade

Anne Maree Barry, Declan Clarke, Alan Phelan, ClĂ­odhna Timoney, The Brian McMahon Archive (Brand New Retro)

March 22 - May 12 2019

In Course of Rearrangement

In Course of Rearrangement

Marielle MacLeman

January 24 - March 10 2019