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Past Exhibition

‘Secret or Lie?’

Ciara Scanlan

March 03 - March 23 2011

‘Secret or Lie?’ (Product Service Company)

Brown envelope delivery. The public has their say!

Working the traditional business hours of 9-5, artist Ciara Scanlan will operate ‘The Product Service Company’, from her office temporarily sited at the corner gallery of the LAB.

“ without life there is no art. Without people there is no life” Adrian Piper

For two weeks in March the public is invited to offload their ‘Lies’ and ‘Secrets’ to the ‘Product Service Company' office/drop off point at the LAB or via twitter and email. The office will be under surveillance and will be streamed live to insure her ‘job’ is being fulfilled. All information collected anonymously will be carefully sealed in brown envelopes. Every night these ‘secrets’ and ‘lies’ will be redistributed and delivered by hand to a selected area in Dublin city. A selection of past products and future ventures will also be on display in the office.

Speaking about her latest venture Ciara said, “I use the name 'The Product Service Company'. It is run, managed and 'Products' delivered by me and my alter ego. I market myself as an instigator, a catalyst within a street/area and immerse myself within each place offering regular and random deliveries of letters and D.I.Y video specially catering to that area.”


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