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Past Exhibition

Wax rhapsodic

Opening Wednesday 12th January, 2022

January 05 - January 22 2022

In a period during which societal, political and cultural volume is at its peak, the works in this exhibition pull together to form a rhapsody; a composition of irregular form that at times echoes our noisy surroundings; speaking to rising technologies, urban infrastructure, consumption and fraught power dynamics. Generous in its execution, the arrangement simultaneously offers up moments of quiet contemplation, intimate whispers through headphones, resting kinetic forms, evidence of slow, methodical processes that butt up against their sonorous counterparts. 


Past Exhibitions

A Perambulation

A Perambulation

An exhibition by Oswaldo Alvarez, Shannon Carroll, Michael Croghan, Mel Galley, Natalia Panis Kaseker and Diana Popa

January 11 - January 21 2023

The Swinging Pendulum

The Swinging Pendulum

Joanna Kidney

November 18 - December 17 2022

O, To have a little house

O, To have a little house

Michelle Malone

September 09 - November 05 2022