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Past Exhibition

Why Stop Now?

Vera Klute

October 05 - October 28 2006

Why Stop Now? explores the relationship between thought and existence. Klute’s video installation, Hum-drum, considers the ways in which people try to protect the realities they create for themselves.  Through busying ourselves with continuous tasks we evade unpleasant thoughts or self-reflection in order to maintain a state of denial. These mechanisms of repression and procrastination appear on the surface to make life simple and pleasant, but also confine the mind within a superficial interpretation of reality. Hum-drum investigates the moment when people stop distracting and start confronting.

Mind the Mucus explores an opposing approach. Instead of focussing on outside actions, it depicts mechanisms inside the body. These are not forced or compulsive, but run smoothly by themselves, thus depicting the fleeting moments of a peacefully empty mind. It shows a mechanism with no purpose but its own existence.

Vera Klute is a recent graduate of Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.  This is her first solo exhibition in Ireland.  She has exhibited in group shows in Ireland and Germany.  Recent exhibitions include the Catalyst Arts Annual Student Show in Belfast, and the RDS Students Award Exhibition and Lost Property at the Digitial Hub.

Past Exhibitions

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Anne Maree Barry, Declan Clarke, Alan Phelan, ClĂ­odhna Timoney, The Brian McMahon Archive (Brand New Retro)

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In Course of Rearrangement

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