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Cruinniú na nÓg 2020

Below is the full list of Cruinniú na nÓg events which took place on Saturday 13th June 2020.  Please click here for Cruinniú na nÓg  2021

An Artistic Eye (Workshop)

Anyone 4 Science? (Workshop)


Axis Ballymun - Cruinniú to You!


'Beautiful Beasts' - The Ark delivers a range of online activities, both live and downloadable, exploring animals and the natural world.

Bright Sparks Creative Bursts (Workshop)

Children’s Books Ireland Digital Book Clinics with MoLi for Cruinniú na nÓg (Workshop)

Cruinniú na nÓg @ The Hugh Lane Gallery (Workshop)

Drag Storytime (Reading)

Five Lamps – Activity Book with John D. Ruddy (Workshop)


Five Lamps Community Dance Workshop with Emily Kilkenny Roddy (Workshop)

Galcoville and the Forest (Performance)

If Ever You Go Down To Dublin Town – A Mixed Media Construction Workshop


It All Works Out (Song & Video Launch) : St. Colmcille's Senior National School Musical Collaboration with Emilie Conway Quartet


Little Big Studio: Being Creative and Inspired At Home!


Little Big Studio: Make Your Own Studio Space At Home! 


Me, My Selfie and I  – A Portrait Workshop with Artist Claire Halpin 


Mud Island Community Garden (Workshop)

NovelTeens – Creative Writing Workshop

Oliver Bond House Mask Challenge

Our Giant Exquisite Portraits (Workshop)

Scissors and Glue, Dada Postcards (Workshop)

The Gruffalo (Performance)

The Record Keepers – Barbara Knezevic (Exhibition)

Tunes From Me Gaff (Performance)


Under The Sea Presented by Artist Helen Barry (Workshop)

Virtual Foraging Along Dublin’s Grand Canal

Felting and interactive Textiles workshops ​​​​​​​with Niki and Tanya Collier

What’s the Story? Art Workshop with the National Gallery of Ireland (Workshop)

Wrap it up Workshop – One Scarf, One Thousand Possibilities (Workshop)




An Artistic Eye

How do you become an artist? What’s the best thing about being an artist? What do you do all day?  

In this series of videos these questions and more are asked of visual artists Bassam Al-Sabah, Sibyl Montague, Áine McBride, Isabel Nolan, Garrett Phelan, and Marcel Vidal.  

Working across drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, film, installation, and radio, each of the artists will share their unique take on how, and when, they decided to become an artist, how their work is developed, what being an artist means to them, and things that they are excited about.  

Presented by The Douglas Hyde Gallery in partnership with the Dublin City Arts Office and Dublin City Council.


Anyone 4 Science

Anyone 4 Science was established in 2005 to provide fun hands-on science and engineering activities initially for 8-12 year olds. We now cater for children from 4 up and even run some events for adults. 

In this video, the children and their families will learn about the history of Ice Cream and how it was enjoyed 2000 years ago by the Romans. For most of us making ice cream with an electrically operated freezer is unimaginable but, 1750 years before the discovery of electricity those amazing Romans could do it!

At this workshop all will be revealed and then using regular household items you will be able to make your own freezer, test it by making a batch of ice cream and most importantly enjoy eating your ice cream!

Although aimed at children there is something in this activity for everyone. 
Click here to download a list of what you need to fully participate in the event. 


Axis Ballymun - Cruinniú to You!

On Saturday June 13th Axis has a range of children’s activities in English agus as Gaeilge designed to delight and entertain young people across Ballymun and beyond, both online and offline.

The Axis ZoomBoom programme will feature online storytelling sessions, plus a dance party live to your living room. We’ll be celebrating Cruinniú na nÓg offline too with families being able to nominate a young person (or young people being able to nominate themselves) to receive books by Irish writers as well as craft materials to their doorstep*.

To top it all off, if you want to send a young person some love, you can apply for one of our wandering musicians to show up and surprise them with a song or a lullaby with ‘create at the garden gate’.  

*Anyone from Ballymun and surrounding areas can apply to receive these. Available on a first come, first served basis.

Further details on this event are available on the Axis Ballymun website here


'Beautiful Beasts' - The Ark delivers a range of online activities, both live and downloadable, exploring animals and the natural world.

For this year's Cruinniú na nOg The Ark delivers a range of 'Beautiful Beasts' online activities, both live and downloadable, exploring animals and the natural world.

Beautiful Beasts visual art activities
Ages 5+
Join visual artist Duffy Mooney-Sheppard for an engaging visual art workshop delivered through video, encouraging you to think about animals and the natural world and great creative with materials you'll find in your home! Tune in at any time on Saturday 13 June to start making, and you can also download an activity sheet to help keep your creativity going!

Beautiful Beasts live drama workshop
Ages 2-4
Children aged 2-4 and their families can tune into a live drama workshop with artist and early years specialist Joanna Parkes. This will be a fun and interactive opportunity for small children and their families to engage with creative and playful storytelling about animals and the natural world.

Further details on this event are available on the Ark website:


Bright Sparks - Creative Bursts

We have been running Bright Sparks Creative Bursts with children’s writer Sarah Webb and have a jam packed online creative writing resource readily available for young people and their families to engage with!  

To get lost in a Creative Burst all you need is a pencil or pen and a notebook or piece of paper. The writing games and prompts are aimed at around age 9+ but could be done with younger children if you give them a bit of help. Also included are some more challenging story prompts for older or more experienced writers of around 11+, every young writer is different. Remember grown-ups: please join in too! It’s great for children to see you being creative, making mistakes and having fun on the page!

Further details on this event are available on the Museum of Literature Ireland website below



Children’s Books Ireland Digital Book Clinics with MoLi for Cruinniú na nÓg

Are you a young reader? Looking for a new series to delve into? Feeling uninspired by your bookshelves at home? Do you need a prescription for a new read? Then come along to the Digital Book Clinic, where the Children’s Book Ireland Book Doctors will be ready to offer the best advice for young readers. 

The Children’s Books Ireland Book Doctor will be ready to chat to you on Children’s Books Ireland’s Facebook page below from 11-12 and 2-3 on Saturday 13th June. 

Join us during these times, with help from your parent or guardian, and add a comment on our Facebook page letting us know your age and your interests. The Book Clinic caters to all readers up to 18 years. If you would like to let us know about books you have loved or loathed please do too! The Doctor will write back with a Reading Prescription tailored just for you. You can fill your prescription at your local bookshop, library or online.

Follow the link below for more details.



Cruinniú na nÓg @ The Hugh Lane Gallery

Join us to celebrate a virtual Cruinniú na nÓg when artist Megan Scott will show how to make your own stained glass inspired artwork using coloured sweet wrappers. The beautiful fluid colours of James Scanlon’s stained glass artwork Study No. 2 for Miró in the Hugh Lane Gallery’s collection will be the inspiration for our work.

Megan’s art activity made especially for Cruinniú na nÓg will be available to view  here 

Image: Study No. 2 for Miró by James Scanlon. Collection: Hugh Lane Gallery

Further details on this event are available on the Hugh Lane Gallery page below



Drag Storytime 

Drag Storytime is a story telling session facilitated by drag performers.

Our storytelling sessions include storybooks by recognised authors alongside original stories created by the Drag Storytime team for particular events. All of our stories are themed around diversity and inclusion across all experiences. Our main emphasis at Drag Storytime is to create a fun and engaging experience for audiences of all ages combining stories, song, dance and games. 

What Stories Do We Read? 
Dracula Spectacular, And Tango Makes Three, Neon Leon, Together We Can,The Girl With Two Dads. 

Drag Storytime was first founded in New York in 2015 and has since spread to a global phenomenon. The Irish branch of Drag Storytime was founded by Beth Hayden in 2018 and has since been handed over to Wren Dennehy. Drag Storytime has had performances at a number of festivals across the country, namely The Bram Stoker Festival, The Dublin Literature Festival and the Front Line Defenders Human Rights Film Festival.

Whos’ involved?  
Producer/Performer- Wren Dennehy/Avoca Reaction
Performer- Lorcan Strain/Marian Mary 
The Five Lamps Arts Festival. 
Performer- Lou McGrath/Ben Panthera 
Performer- Conor Browne/Coco Chanel No. 5 




Five Lamps – Activity Book with John D. Ruddy

The Five Lamps Activity Book gives children the opportunity to explore North Inner City Dublin’s past and present through colouring, mazes, word searches and all sorts of fun activities illustrated by YouTuber and Historian John D. Ruddy.   

It’s a great way to explore the outside while having to stay inside a little longer! 

These books have been circulated by Five Lamps Festival 



Five Lamps Community Dance Workshop with Emily Kilkenny Roddy 

Dance Artist Emily Kilkenny Roddy will create a piece a choreography that is uploaded to the Five Lamps Platform in 3 parts leading up to the intended date of release (13th June). Interval dates of upload on the following 3 Mondays; 18th May, 25th May and 1st June.  

The first upload will include an Introduction from dance artist and a video of the routine in its entirety. Then the following 3 videos on the 3 dates will be the routine split into 3. This way is suggested for the following reasons; 

Keeps the students engaged (smaller and more approachable sections as to not overwhelm the participant)  

Smaller video files to send so the participant has less technical issues to deal with. Also less likely to forget choreography as it is filmed in smaller clips. 

Feels more like weekly classes, creates a community sense.  

Outcome would be an edited version of all clips together to look like a dance video as one. Which would be released on 13th June.  

Age Group: 10-18 years old.  The Five Lamps Arts Festival. 


Galcoville and the Forest

‘Galcoville and the Forest’ is a new drama by Jane Robinson with music composed by Malachy Robinson – The premier, performed by The Pandemic Trio and narrated by Jane Robinson, is to be broadcast on 13th June 2020 as part of Dublin City’s Cruinniú na nÓg. 

The story: 

Pangur the pine marten lives in a forest and his music (Malachy Robinson on double-bass) is the heart-beat of the forest. Éabha the bird (Anita Vedres on violin) flits about the forest singing sweetly and building her nest.  Nearby, in a city called Galcoville, Cityman (Dermot Dunne on accordion) plays a piano tune. As time passes, the city music develops and picks up influences from the forest and from modern life. The party in the city is exciting.  

But trouble comes to the forest as Galcoville grows and the party in the city needs more fuel to keep it going…

Originally selected for live performance, this music drama for children and families will now be recorded by Adrian Hart and presented as an audio recording accompanied by a stills video. With thanks to Joern Hulsmeier for his jackdaw photo used on our poster, to Lucy Robinson for costumes, and to all the families who contributed photos included in the video. 

Galcoville & The Forest - Educational Notes
Galcoville & The Forest - Music Notes by Malachy Robinson 


If Ever You Go Down To Dublin Town – A Mixed Media Construction Workshop

Join us as we wander down to Dublin town through this creative construction workshop with artist and facilitator Claire Halpin. Beginning with a look at, and a chat about an artwork by Dublin based artist John Byrne. We will take inspiration from the artwork to create our own streets and town. What do you want to go to and see in the city? What is your favourite part of the city? Create a 3D Pop Up town for you and your family to wander around and take in the sights of Dublin City old and new! 

Suggested Materials: Pencil, coloured pencils, markers, ruler, scissors, card, coloured paper, glue, tape. 



It All Works Out (Song & Video Launch) : St. Colmcille's Senior National School Musical Collaboration with Emilie Conway Quartet

Age Group 8-12 years

Fifth and sixth class children from St. Colmcille's Senior National School Choir and Grúpa Ceoil join past pupil, Emilie Conway and her quartet in a song that affirms, even if you have a disability, or you don't quite fit in in school, or a pandemic turns the world topsy turvy, with a little kindness and creativity, it all works out! 

Initially planned as an in-person collaboration, this project has been adapted as a virtual one in line with Covid-19 restrictions.  Pupils who are in the Choir and in the Grúpa Ceoil are busy learning, practising and recording the song at home and creating artwork for the video. We are all very excited to see how it comes together for launch on June 13!! 

Special thanks to St. Colmcille's SNS especially Emilie's fourth class teacher, Deputy Principal John Murphy, and Principal, Brian McGowan, for their facilitation, enthusiasm and support of the project and its re-adaptation. A big thank you to Grúpa Ceoil directors, Sarah Jane Woods and Alison Neville, Kate Kirwan, Sarah O'Keeffe, Maurice O'Keeffe; and to the Choir directors, Sinead O'Brien, Emer O'Connor, Sue Synnott and Tara Walsh for all their assistance, support and enthusiasm!

A huge thank you to all the children of St. Colmcille's and their parents and guardians for their essential and beautiful contribution to this work! 

"It All Works Out" written and produced by Emilie Conway
Sung by Emilie Conway and St. Colmcille's Choir
Grúpa Ceoil: fiddles, flute and tin whistles.
Johnny Taylor: piano, Barry Donohue: double bass, Dominic Mullan: drums
Video artwork by St. Colmcille's SNS pupils
Video by Richard Lennon, Darn Skippy Productions
Recorded at Home and at Camden Recording Studios
Mixed and mastered by Dave McCune, Ventry Recording

Little Big Studio: Being Creative and Inspired At Home!

Temple Bar Gallery and Studios presents an online art workshop for children and young people with studio artist Liliane Puthod:  Little Big Studio: Being creative and Inspired at home!

Age range from 6+ and suitable for the whole family

Join visual artist Liliane Puthod to see what happens in an artist studio and how you can create in your own studio space. Spending time in the studio is made up of lots of different moments. Learn how an artist uses this time to experiment with ideas and materials. See the different actions and decisions that can be made in the process of play, making and experimenting.

The artist will show you how she gets ideas from what she sees in her house and neighbourhood. In her pop-up home studio, you will see how to experiment with clay and painting taking inspiration from something in the artist’s kitchen! You will see how to develop ideas on your own or in collaboration with your family. You will also learn how to make your own modelling clay!

Have fun and enjoy creating ideas and experiments in your own home studio or ‘Fun’ Laboratory!



Little Big Studio: Make Your Own Studio Space At Home! 

Temple Bar Gallery and Studios presents an online art workshop for children and young people with studio artist Liliane Puthod:  Little Big Studio: Make your own studio space at home! 

Age range from 6+ and suitable for the whole family

Join visual artist Liliane Puthod in this workshop to create a studio space at home as a ‘fun’ laboratory! For an artist, at this particular time, working in the studio sometimes means having to find or make a space at home, in which to create in and feel comfortable in when making art. Watch as the artist creates her own studio hut and shows how you might make your own creative space at home.

This workshop will inspire you to use materials that you have around your home to create a temporary space in which you can spend time reading, listening, drawing, painting, sculpting… And, a space for you to bring interesting objects or materials you might have found or collected and/or some of your favourite things, like plants, books, instruments etc.

Enjoy making a special space that feels good to be creative, experimental in!



Me, My Selfie and I  – A Portrait Workshop with Artist Claire Halpin 

Join us for this creative and inventive portrait painting workshop with artist and facilitator Claire Halpin. Beginning with a look at and a chat about a new painting by Dublin based artist Gemma Browne, this workshop will explore the idea of portraits and self portraits. Inspired by the artwork we will be creating our own portraits and then transforming them through time, space and place! Who are you going to be? Where are you going to be? Are you going to travel through time into the past or the future? 

Suggested Materials: Pencils, crayons, Coloured pencils, paints, paint brushes, small and large sheets of paper, scrap paper, recycled materials, scissors, glue. 



Mud Island Community Garden 

In this nature journaling workshop set in Mud Island Community Garden, we will construct a nature journal from recycled paper and other recycled materials and make a decorative cover using various art techniques such as leaf printing, leaf rubbing, nature collage etc. 
We will also create pages inspired by the diverse natural surroundings of Mud Island Community Garden and provide inspiration for children to draw, write and record their observations of nature in their journal pages.  
I will also provide ideas on what children can record in their journal throughout the year to encourage them to develop their curiosity and foster a habit of observing, recording and appreciating their natural surroundings. 

An online tutorial will be available and will include full instructions on how to create a nature journal as well as many resources on how to decorate and fill the journal with poetry, photographs, drawings and observations of nature. 

The event is suitable for all ages but younger children will need some assistance and supervision. 

Nature Journaling Workshop Tutorial (file is 33MB, please be patient with the download)


NovelTeens – Creative Writing Workshop

The newly launched NovelTeens is a free-to-access online creative writing series of mini masterclasses, for teenagers (13-17 year olds),  by some of Ireland’s most talented Young Adult Authors. Dave Rudden, author of Knights of the Borrowed Dark series kicks off the first one. New masterclasses will be added every 2 weeks.  Other Young Adult authors presenting a mini masterclass are; Anna Carey, Deirdre Sullivan and Darren Shan! By the time Cruinniú na nÓg comes around there will be 3 NovelTeens masterclasses available for young people to explore.

Further details on this event are available on the Museum of Literature Ireland website:



Oliver Bond House Mask Challenge

To celebrate Cruinniú na nÓg 2020 Oliver Bond Residents Group are working together with Dublin City Council and Robert Emmett CDP with the support of Creative Ireland.

Children from Oliver Bond House will receive an art pack (t-shirt, mask, art materials) in advance and make their own mask at home following the step-by-step instructions.  They will send a photograph of themselves wearing their decorated masks and vote for their chosen song to feature in one AMAZING video of everyone wearing their masks. 


Our Giant Exquisite Portraits  

Do you know what an Exquisite Corpse is? First off, it’s not as disgusting as it might sound! It’s a story or a picture created by a bunch of people together without knowing what the others are doing. This is exactly what a team of illustrators have been working on over the past while: they have each created a giant picture of themselves during confinement and soon, all the portraits will be put together in a massive frieze, like an enormous comic strip. 

But before we can do that, we need your help! 

We need you to add some nature and wildlife art to this strange family portrait: birds, flowers, plants, insects, leaves, squirrels and your own pictures of anything you love that comes from nature around you. 

Illustrators Ireland, Cruinniú na nÓg and Alliance Française have teamed up to put together daily videos from Monday 8 June to show you some fun techniques like printmaking, paper-cutting, and collage using materials you have at home! You can follow these videos and the whole family can join in.  

Everyone’s creations will be integrated into the finished GIANT Exquisite Portraits exhibition when museums and galleries reopen. 

Photo credit – Margaret Anne Suggs 

My Paper Garden with Illustrator Martin Beckett 


Draw Garden Beasties with Illustrator Olivia Golden 


Una Gildea's Quirky and Crazy Collage Workshop 


Block Printing with Illustrator Ashwin Chacko 


Printing Garden Leaves with illustrator Tatyana Feeney 

Make Bugs, Bees and Ladybirds with Illustrator Una Woods 






Scissors and Glue, Dada Postcards 

Workshop with Pat Mc Grath

With scissors and glue and some magazines or newspapers we can make a collage postcard based on the work of the Dada and Surrealist artists. Participants can choose from landscape or portraits, funny or serious. If you have paint or markers you can add them too. Our motto for this workshop will be “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”.




The Gruffalo

No Strings Theatre Company and Cruinniú na nÓg present: The Gruffalo

The story of a little brown mouse going for a stroll in a forest and the scary animals that would like him for their lunch…He pretends to be very scary indeed until he meets the scariest creature in the woods, The Gruffalo with his terrible tusks and terrible claws…

 Children and Grown Ups of all ages will love this wonderful tale.

This lovely story is brought to life with the puppets of No Strings Theatre Company for Cruinniú na nÓg day.


The Record Keepers – Barbara Knezevic

Dublin City Libraries together with Dublin City Arts Office commissioned Barbara Knezevic to make this video as part of an exhibition for children at Cabra Library that was postponed due to COVID-19. 

Barbara’s previous exhibitions often include sculptures and other objects staged in a way that reminds us of film sets, photographic shoots, museum or even retail displays that make us think about the importance of each of these objects and what their relationship might be to each other.  

For The Record Keepers, Barbara was examined crystals, minerals, geology and in particular, amethyst, a violet coloured variety of quartz. This stone was believed in ancient cultures, and more recently, to be a cure for various ailments including nightmares and insomnia was thought to protect the wearer.  

This video was a part of this exhibition invite us to consider our relationship to the crystals through the senses, particularly sight and touch. What might be notice as we look more closely at the contrast between the handmade and natural formations of the crystals, the different textures and colours? What do we believe might be their power? 

Tunes From Me Gaff

Youth Work, Ireland’s Irish Youth Music Awards is excited to curate Tunes From Me Gaff. This project will invite young up and coming musicians, aged 12 to 18, the opportunity to record a performance video of one of their original tracks at home on their phone.  

We will select ten of these tracks to be featured on Dublin City Council’s Arts office Facebook page as part of  Cruinniú na nÓg on June 13th. 

This will be open to all young people in Dublin City Council areas with further information to follow on how to get involved. 

IYMAs Cruinniú na nÓg Takeover Live Gig: 

On Saturday June 13th, the day of Cruinniú na nÓg, the Irish Youth Music Awards will host a live stream on Dublin City Council’s Arts Office Facebook page. Featuring four performers from Dublin City Council area, providing a spotlight on up and coming musicians. This stream will start at 3pm, so don’t forget to tune in for a gig you don’t even have to leave your house to attend! 

Click here:  

Here is the schedule of events:

3pm – 5pm – IYMAs Takeover Event – 4 Acts
5.30pm - Tumor Tuner - Gaff Music 
6pm - Sarah Kenny - That's Life 
6.30pm - Jukebox - Take Me To Heaven 
7pm - Cian Mac Giolla Rua - Good Days 
7.30pm - Jessica Dunne - A Lullaby For The End Of The World
8pm - Life Sentence - Flames Within 
8.30pm - Martin McDonnell - Like You Did Something Wrong 
9pm - DubalC - Drowning In The Rain 
9.30pm - King Has Spoken - King has spoken 
10pm - Muireann McDonnell - Anything To Get Away 



Under The Sea Presented by Artist Helen Barry

This is creative multi sensory exploration of life  ‘Under The Sea’ for all children up to 12 years.

Our journey begins along the seashore, listening to the sounds of the waves and the shrill shriek of seagulls. Together we will dive into the water to paint the ocean bed and discover the creatures that live there and invent some of our own. We meet the mermen and mermaids and they swim with us back to the surface to watch the fishing trawlers haul their nets to catch our tea.  

All of the activities in ‘Under The Sea’ are accompanied with an instruction sheet and can be made with everything found at home.  Many of the idea for ‘Under The Sea’ have been explored together with the children attending Pre-School One in the Central Remedial Clinic School in Clontarf.  

Under The Sea Tutorial 
Under The Sea Templates

Virtual Foraging Along Dublin’s Grand Canal

Discover wildness in the heart of Dublin City along the Grand Canal.  Take a virtual stroll along the Grand Canal with us and see what you can discover!

Geraldine, from Wicklow Wild Foods, takes us on a virtual foraging tour of one of Dublin’s most important wildlife corridors, seeing all the wild food around us, if you just know where to look!

Follow the link below for this virtual foraging video which was produced on a smartphone as a DIY documentary and we encourage everyone at Cruinniú na nÓg to go out and try and record the wildlife of the Waterways of Ireland! 

For more information on the wonderful wildlife of the Dublin Canals and Waterways Ireland’s ecological surveys follow links below:

Remember to only forage with a parent or guardian in a place that is clean and safe. Always wash and clean wild food and make sure you know what you are eating before you forage. 

In collaboration with Waterways Ireland, Dublin City Council and Creative Ireland





Felting and interactive Textiles workshops ​​​​​​​with Niki and Tanya Collier

Have you tried weaving? It is simple and so much fun.  

Join Niki and Tanya Collier, a textile artist and an all knowing teenager to try felting and interactive textiles.

Have a go at making a weaving loom from things you have in the house or use an existing one. Have a look at a few simple ways to make a rainbow wall hanging and a keepsake weaved bag. Hang them on your window in support of our frontline workers. 

All you need is a bit of yarn and fibres. Roll up your your sleeves and put your smile on. 




Join Niki and her felting buddy Tanya to make some glowing bugs or funny aliens. This is a simple way to make a beautiful ball, which could be an alien, a bug, or even a stunning decoration. And if you are really curious join us to make the bug come to life and glow in the dark. Put it on your window to show respect to everyone who is doing their bit for fighting the bug.  Click here to download Felted Bug Tutorial Instructions


Have you tried drawing with wool? It is fun way to create a picture. Join us to draw a street from you city, your house or even an imaginary place to live. All you need is a bit of wool and your imagination.  Click here to download the 'Felted Picture Landscape' Tutorial Instructions.



WET FELT BUTTERFLY TUTORIAL with Niki Collier and Tanya in Studio 24 Marlay Park Dublin for Cruinniu na nOg

Make your very own beautiful butterfly from felt. Click here to download the Tutorial Instructions for Wet Felted Butterfly

Image credits:  Photographer Ivaylo Petrov





What’s the Story? Art Workshop with the National Gallery of Ireland

Join facilitators from the National Gallery of Ireland to create your very own book! In this pre-recorded workshop, facilitators will guide you through Jack Yeats’ lively painting  – ‘The Liffey Swim’.  

This painting shows a crowd of people cheering brave swimmers racing in the River Liffey. Just as Jack Yeats celebrates the joy of people coming together as a community, let’s do the same by making art together in our homes! 

Using everyday materials from around your home, we will make our own accordion notebook and fill it with a story based on ‘The Liffey Swim’. 

For this workshop you will need: 

  • A scissors/fingers to tear 
  • Card from a cereal box/pizza box/recycling bin 
  • Masking tape or glue of any sort 
  • Printer paper or newspaper or sheets of any type of paper 
  • Something to draw or colour with 
  • Optional: Scraps for collaging


Wrap it up Workshop – One Scarf, One Thousand Possibilities

One scarf, One Thousand Possibilities.  

A versatile piece of fabric that everybody has at home.  

The Workshop by artist Thaís Muniz will teach several techniques on how to use the scarf and how this simple piece of fabric has a huge impact in different cultures. 

JOIN US ON SATURDAY 13 JUNE, STARTS AT 3PM - LIVE ON ZOOM!!!  For more details please see

Check out the videos below which will teach you different techniques on how to use and wear a scarf. 
Brought to you by The Five Lamps Arts.