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Drama in the Classroom Toolkit

The Drama in the Classroom Programme was developed and delivered by Dublin City Arts Office from 2003-2013.

During that time, over 875 children participated in the programme, directed by the programme’s Educational Drama Facilitators Sarah Fitzgibbon and Joanna Parkes. We have created this web resource with the aim of passing on that knowledge and continuing to support teachers to deliver drama education in the city’s schools.

The first is a Drama Toolbox, a resource designed for teachers who work with children in mainstream schools, including teachers who work in ASD Units with children who may present with special needs. It contains two schemes: The Great Adventure of the Dragon’s Egg and the Maiden Voyage of the Young Astronaut’s Academy.

Download the Drama Toolbox (PDF 1.4 mb)

The second document charts the development of the programme, highlighting its structure, learning and outcomes, information which we feel may not only be of interest to teachers but also to other arts organisations or local authorities seeking to support the development of drama in schools in their area.

Download the Drama Programme Outline (PDF 875kb)