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Painting the Town - Dublin City Council Callout for Street Artworks

Callout for Street Artwork in Dublin City Public Realm in support of Reopening the City Dublin City Council is seeking to commission 5 large scale street artworks at appropriate locations across the City.

This competition is now closed, closing date for proposals was 12pm 5th July 2021


Watch “Callout for Street Artwork in Dublin City Public Realm in support of Reopening the City_Recording” on Vimeo:

This project seeks to improve and animate the general appearance of the 5 sites listed below, making them more welcoming, while also supporting street artists to make highly visible work in the City. Artists are encouraged to be as creative as possible when considering their designs, but might also take inspiration from the history of the site itself or the broader area, the built fabric or simply celebrate the City.

The theme for proposed artworks is open but should seek to engage all ages and abilities. Other suggested themes may include city living, reopening the city, environment or climate change, themes specific to the locations uses or history, playful city, Dublin City centre, urbanism, accessibility.

Artwork will be selected based on the following criteria:
· Relevance to the location
· Creativity and innovation of design
· Ability to work within the guidelines of the project
· Previous experience and ability to deliver
· Cost
· Entrants should bear in mind the following points when conceptualising designs.
· Locations have been chosen for their high visibility, both to vehicular traffic and pedestrian footfall.
· Artwork should be high impact, minimal maintenance and remain vibrant for several months while being respectful to the location.
· Commercial content  will not be considered and quotes should be kept to a minimum.
· Where possible a breathable or eco-friendly paint is preferred so as not to impact the structure of the buildings and the environment
· Artist draw upon their own creativity but will also pay attention to the different characteristics of the building/ sites  for inspiration, paying close attention to the area, street scape, vista, current colours and interventions in the area.
· There shall to be no bleed on adjoining walls, on original stone or red brick or street furniture including the paving.
· Where the space to be used is hoarding, artist will need to include any licences needed for equipment, height for hire, pedestrian management in their overall fee.
· Similarly where the identified space is at upper floor level all costs associated with method of installation including site specific challenges should be included in costing.

Closing date for proposals is 12pm 5th July 2021



Showing a view of Townsend Street, showing an area of unused land marked with the measurement 'Gate to corner Approx 47 M'

1. Townsend Street Gate to corner streetview  

Showing a birds eye google maps view of the Townsend Street boarding that needs street art. The map shows measurements of hoarding measuring 20 m Approx, then 12 M Approx, then 15 m Approx

2. Townsend Street without gates


Images shows a street view of a part of the Kevin Street hoarding, currently painted grey

3 Kevin St Street View

4. 59 Dorset St Side Marked out

Image showing birds eye view of 59 Dorset street. Area marked in a red outline on the building with measurements in black 8 m approx x 11 m approx

5. 59 Dorset Street - Outline of site


Image showing Kish Fish Bow Lane Corner Gable. The length of the cable is marked 8 m approx with a red line.

6. Kish Fish, Bow Lane Corner Gable Elevation

This is an image showing the elevation of the Kish Fish Bow Lane elevation. Where the building meets the ground there is a red line with the measurement 24 m Approx

7. Kish Fish - Bow Lane Elevation


      Showing a birds eye view of Prussia Street site with gable end measurement in length of 6.5 M Approx marked with a red line

8. Prussia St Measurement of Gable End

9.Prussia Street Marked out 


This competition is now closed, closing date for proposals was 12pm 5th July 2021