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A fold in the map across which electrons jump

27 November - 28 November 2020

A guided walk from where you are - led by The Department of Embedded Knowledge

Friday 27th November at 1pm and Saturday 28th November at 11am

About this Event

When you fold a paper map, two places that once were apart on the maps surface now occupy the same point. This same folding but in space time, Kurt Gödel thought, as he solved Einstein’s equations for general relativity, creates the possibility of time travel. Two worlds separated across space and time collapse on top of each other, just like on the map.

Technologies can seem to fold worlds too. One minute, sitting in your room you can suddenly find yourself in a meeting, a classroom, on a date or talking to a friend - the sun setting behind them as you look out at a night sky. Telepresence – by video call, phone, social media or other technology – tries to collapse different places, times and contexts on top of each other. Electrons vibrate an invisible tether between different realities.

But our worlds have weight, not all of them can be bound together by these light-thin wires, and so the tethers stretch and break.

A fold in the map across which electrons jump is a research workshop by the Department of Embedded Knowledge and The Lab Gallery examining our use of telepresence and its context.

The workshop will take place in November on Zoom and in real space. Participants will use Zoom to remotely connect to the workshop and will be asked to move within the area local to their home/workplace during the workshop.

As such the DoEK acknowledges that participation in the workshop requires mobility equivalent to slow walking pace, a suitable zoom compatible mobile device and data connectivity, headphones and appropriate clothing for being outside. Please make yourself aware of these requirements before connecting to the workshop.

Places are limited and each workshop is open to six participants. The total length is less than one hour.

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