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Re-considering - The LAB Online Art Programme 2020

Reconsidering #8 - Art + Writing: EYE: Dragana Jurisic and Kevin Breathnach

June 02 - July 31 2020

Re-considering #8 - Art + Writing: EYE: Dragana Jurisic and Kevin Breathnach

Dimitra Xidous was chair of 'Art + Writing: EYE', a discussion with visual artist Dragana Jurisic and writer Kevin Breathnach about their practices, hosted by the LAB. Dimitra Xidous reflects in 2020 on the discussion that happened in 2016:

'Art & Writing, organised by Paper Visual Art and gorse journals, is a series of conversations between practitioners who work at the intersection of writing and the visual arts. Chaired by writer Dimitra Xidous, Art + Writing: EYE brought together Dragana Jurisic and Kevin Breathnach to discuss the shape and form of seeing in and for their work, eye-hand coordination (and craft), the evolution of the gaze, and Beauty.' 


Re-considering #7 - The Expanded Field

Maeve Connolly was the chair of a panel discussion at the LAB hosted by ARC, IADT about, 'The Expanded Field' that took place in April 2018. This was a group exhibition and series of residencies, co-curated by Lismore Castle Arts and Askeaton Contemporary Arts, that explored the nature of the Irish landscape. Maeve Connolly reflects in 2020 on 'The Expanded Field' panel discussion:

'The discussion took place a few months before the exhibition The Expanded Field, co-curated by Askeaton Contemporary Arts and Lismore Castle Arts at St Carthage Hall. The show featured a contribution from the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), a fascinating organisation that usually focuses specifically on uses of land within the US. In her talk Aurora Tang explains the work of CLUI, and the conversation afterwards provides a very helpful ‘behind the scenes’ look at the early development of the exhibition, which was very organic and exploratory. So it provides a valuable insight into curatorial research, and the process of collaboration between several organisations.'

The LAB would like to thank Aurora Tang, CLUI, Lismore Castle Arts and Askeaton Contemporary Arts.

Image: CLUI https://www.clui.org/


Reconsidering #6 - A Different Republic

Pádraig Naughton, Executive Director of Arts and Disability Ireland ADI, reflects in 2020 on 'A Different Republic', an exhibition at the LAB co-curated by ADI and Fire Station Artists' Studios in 2016-2017:

‘Set in a year of commemorations A Different Republic was a series of 4 commissions, an exhibition, seminar and publication responding to the 1916 Proclamation and the 20th anniversary of the Commission on the Status of people with Disabilities. It was also an exploration of equality in contemporary Ireland. The strategies involved in commissioning new work for A Different Republic contributed to the development of a subsequent partnership between Arts & Disability Ireland and Project Arts Centre to commission an artist with a disability through the Realise production award. Realise saw the presentation of Roderick Ford’s The Spider’s House in March 2020. We hope our past successes with A Different Republic and the Realise production award in theatre are paving the way for a future partnership to commission work by an artist with a disability for children, young people and their families.’

Here is the 'A Different Republic', artist talks in two parts held on February 1st 2017 at the LAB Gallery:

Image: Amanda Coogan, Can you see it, can you feel it, it’s all in the air, 2016


Close captioning script for part 1 & 2 of the artists talks available here .


Re-considering #5 - Barbara Knezevic in Conversation with Maeve Connolly as part of 'Ultra'

Barbara Knezevic reflects in 2020 on her conversation with Maeve Connolly at the LAB in 2014 as part of her exhibition at the LAB 'Ultra', by creating a short video entitled 'Artefacts of Accident', rather than a quote for the 'Re-considering' programme.

Artefacts Of Accident - Barbara Knezevic from Dublin City Council Arts Office on Vimeo.

'Artefacets Of Accident', is supported by Fire Station Artists Studios 


'Re-considering' #4 - Alan Magee 'The Future of Work' Panel Discussion

Alan Magee reflects on his recent panel discussion in March 2020, 'The Future of Work', as part of his exhibition 'Among the dregs of daily toil'. This discussion happened on the eve of the gallery closing due to Covid 19: 

'Covid-19 has altered the future of work more rapidly than all of the books, journals, manifestos, and protests in recent history. The automation of fragile, corporeal labour forces is accelerating, whilst proponents of Universal Basic Income now have tangible global test-cases to build from. The reestablishment of work into the domestic domain is beginning to challenge the gendered nature of industrial capitalism, while a decentralised 3D-printing network has signalled the power of adaptive swarm production. Whatever the future of work may be…it just got a whole lot closer.'


'Re-considering' # 3 - Silvia Loeffler 'Transit Gateway - Phase 5'

Silvia Loeffler reflects in 2020 on her 2017 project and seminars 'Transit Gateway':

'My 'Transit Gateway' project was a deep mapping of Dublin Port - an artistic exploration of the port’s connections with the city through time. By making monumental, strong and nuanced coloured map layers of the port development in 9 phases in the Terminal 1 building, in tandem with a very rich series of discussions in the LAB, I really wanted to emphasise the emotional reality behind the historical material. People could meander through urban, political and social change, get immersed in the physicality of the installation as well as the multitude of narratives behind the scenes in the LAB seminars, and engage with port history as something to get happily lost in.'

This video is the Phase 5 seminar of 'Transit Gateway'. It took place at the LAB Gallery in 2017.

TRANSIT GATEWAY - Mapping Phase 5 by artist Silvia Loeffler from Dublin City Council Arts Office on Vimeo.


Re-considering #2 - Mairéad Folan, 'Meet Luke'

Mairead Folan reflects in 2020 on her 2018 performance of 'Meet Luke', at the interdisciplinary performance event 'Towards A Consideration of All Bodies':

'Towards a Consideration of All Bodies was an eye opener for me. The positive reaction that I received that day showed me that my theatre company NoRopes’ work can exist beyond Galway audiences. This led to the exciting opportunity to perform Meet Luke in Croke Park in late 2019. All these experiences made me realise that Luke’s story is only just beginning. This realisation led me to getting development support through various schemes led by the following organisations: Galway County Council, Arts and Disability Ireland and PUSH+ EU Project. It is hoped that the developed Meet Luke will be staged in Autumn 2021.'

This video of Mairéad's journey to and performance at the LAB was filmed by Róisín Ní Thuairisg for TG4's online series BLOC as part of International Day of Persons With Disabilities 2018.

'Towards A Consideration of All Bodies' also included performances by Hugh O'Donnell and Philip Kenny. For more information on the event please click here

Mairead Folan, Towards A Consideration of All Bodies, Statement in 2020


Reconsidering #1 - Jane Locke 'Tales From A Green Postbox'

Jane Locke reflects in 2020 on her 2016 exhibition and talk 'Tales From A Green Postbox':

'I’m not sure what’s changed since 2016, probably a few more post boxes have moved, crumbled or vanished.  I know An Post continue their amazing work keeping us connected and that’s what this project did for me, it made connections and opened doors. Small underground doors. Tiny doors into the heads of new audiences, miniscule doors into fluid histories, and doors the size of full stops into dark gaps of the imagination.'

Re-considering - The LAB Online Art Programme 2020

Art imaginatively reflects our world, often re-considering it from a different angle to the norm. 'Re-considering' is the LAB’s Online Art Programme for 2020 that has been created as a response to the LAB Gallery’s closure due to Co-Vid 19 restrictions. Marking what would have been the LAB’s 15th Birthday, the programme aims through videos and podcasts to look back on the LAB’s archive of seminars, panel discussion, events and projects that reflect the collaborations that the gallery has participated in. Many of these seminars and discussions involve artists, curators, writers, and researchers whose practises re-consider political issues, histories, materials, and ways of looking. Selected by our ARC LAB Curatorial Scholar, Roisin Power Hackett, the series platforms themes such as art and interdisciplinarity, Dublin Port, the Irish postal system, the future of work, and disability. Bringing these videos and podcasts together, 'Re-considering' highlights past projects that have aspired to change the way we perceive the world around us.

'Re-considering' will be shared here on the Event page of the LAB Gallery's website, on the LAB Gallery's Instagram and Dublin City Arts Office Instagram page and on the LAB Gallery's Facebook page.

The Programme will be shared on the Tuesday of each week from Tuesday 9th of June 2020.

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