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Speaking of Which, Series II - The Ecological Edition

In a time of global climate change, 12 artists based in Ireland reveal what inspires them and how they make their art in this video series designed for use in the classroom and for general viewing. This is Speaking of Which Series II - The Ecological Edition.

The LAB Gallery in Dublin and The Dock Arts Centre in Carrick on Shannon have worked together to produce this free online resource for teachers and arts educators. Background: In 2020 for the first series of Speaking of Which, The Dock saw the potential to create something ideal for use in a classroom or online educational setting where artists spoke directly about themselves and the art making process. Collaboratively with The LAB Gallery in Dublin, they produced a series of interviews with artists explaining why they make work and what inspires them, in their own words. As well as connecting young people with some of the rich ideas that inform our visual culture and offering them a unique insight into the arts practices, methods and motivations of practising artists; the series also affords the artists a unique opportunity to speak directly and connect with young audiences. 

In this second series of interviews inspired by the current climate crisis, the artists reveal their reasons for making art, describe the methods they use to make their work but most importantly reveal what it means to them to be an artist during this pressing time and how they transform their desire to create and communicate into the work they produce. The diversity of their individual backgrounds and experiences is reflected in the work each artist makes. They draw inspiration from many sources; the books they read as children, the places they grew up, the environments that they have visited, conversations they have had and their experiences studying art in school. The artists are Mark Clare, Cathy Fitzgerald, Catherine McDonald, Rosie O’Reilly, Bassam Al-Sabah and Jennifer Mehigan, Claire Donohoe, Laura Fitzgerald, The Project Twins - James and Michael Fitzgerald, Maria McKinney and Vanya Lambrecht Ward.

The video series is a starting point to mediate conversations with young people about their own creativity, ideas and inspirations, the videos may also be used as an inspiration for teachers and educators to devise workshops and other practical activities for their classes. 

A supporting digital book is available free to read or download at the bottom of the page

Mark Clare


Cathy Fitzgerald


Catherine McDonald


Rosie O'Reilly


Claire Donohoe


Laura Fitzgerald


The Project Twins


Vanya Lambrecht Ward


Maria McKinney



Bassam Al-Sabah and Jennifer Mehigan