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VTS Projects

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a research-based teaching methodology based on the work of cognitive psychologist, Abigail Housen and veteran museum educator Philip Yenawine that supports learner-centred thinking and feeling when looking at art objects.

The LAB Gallery first began testing the methodology in 2014.  As a gallery that supports artists to take risk in their practice, presenting exhibitions of new work often being encountered in a gallery for the first time, we sought out methodologies for looking that supported enquiry led learning. Over the past five years, Dublin City Arts Office has worked with VTS U.S. to train staff, teaches, arts educators and artists with partners in Ireland. 

This has been an exciting journey which has led to new collaborations and learnings. Here are a selection of the projects we’ve developed to explore the potential of this practice for our audiences and educators. 

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