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Project Grants 2021



Dublin City Arts Office is a developmental unit within Dublin City Council. It supports quality access, participation, learning and innovation in the arts through collaboration and strategic partnership at local, regional and international levels. 

Dublin City Council through its Strategic Policy Committee has supported a review of Arts Grants in 2020/21 and the interim findings of this report are reflected in the changed nature of funding categories this year. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Arts has also led to less opportunity for public events of all kinds and in 2021 the Arts Grants process will increase the amount of Bursaries available to support capacity building for individual Artists.



The Purpose of the Arts Grants Programme of DCC is to support Arts Practice, Arts Participation, and Audience Development in the DCC Administrative Area through focusing the funding on requests for developmental projects, training and vocational support for Artists, community development outcomes through quality arts actions or process with an overarching emphasis on diversity and equality of opportunity.



Supporting Arts Organisations and Individuals to realise public presentation of new work for the Dublin City Council Administrative Area.  Click here for Map.
Project must be taking place in 2021.

All applicants to Arts Grants must show awareness of the challenges of Covid19 and be prepared to adhere to all Public Health Guidelines.

Minimum Award €5,000, Maximum Award €10,000.
Public presentation may be online or physical or a hybrid event.



Quality and Artistic Ambition of the Project Proposed (40%)

As evidenced by:

(a) Artistic ambition and quality of the Project idea.

(b) Involvement and track record of the professional Artists(s) involved.

(c) Artists Fees in accordance with professional practice.


Feasibility of the Project in Confirmed and Potential Resources (40%)

As evidenced by:

(a) Technical achievability (Can your Project or Programme be realised in 2021 with the Financial and other resources you expect to have).

(b) Letters of support or confirmation of funding.

(c) Ability to secure at least 30% of the total funding required from other sources.

(d) An identified audience and a clear marketing / sales plan to reach that audience within the Dublin City Council administrative area.


Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion (20%)

Dublin City Council through all of its programmes wants to engage with all of the residents and visitors to Dublin. We know that some may feel excluded for physical, cultural, economic, racial, gender or other reasons and as a Local Authority we want to address this exclusion and celebrate the diversity of Dublin. 

As an applicant for an Arts Grant, please let us know how you address diversity whether by including and encouraging diverse practitioners or participants in your programme or through catering to diverse audiences. The main evidence for your understanding of diversity, accessibility and inclusion will be evidenced by:

(a) Policy and policy documents. 

(b) Specific marketing to diverse audiences.

(c) Collaboration and inclusion of diverse practitioners and artists.

(d) Partnership with organisations that increase your knowledge and skills in the area of Diversity.

As diversity is a developing area for the Arts and for Arts Grants it is not expected that you would be equally proficient in all areas but that you are aware of the importance of diversity, accessibility and inclusion and are taking concrete steps to continually learn and increase your ability.



Download our Guidance Document below which explains the Application questions in greater detail.  We recommend printing this and keeping it beside you through the process.    

PDF Version 
Word Version



All applications must be submitted online no later than 12 noon on Monday 16th November 2020.

No applications will be accepted later than this date and time.

Your application will be processed by members of the Arts Office Administrative team. Any applications that clearly fall outside the eligibility guidelines and criteria may be eliminated at this point. Dublin City Council reserves the right to redirect applications for consideration to appropriate categories other than those applied for, should it be deemed beneficial to the applicant to so do. 

All applications will be considered by the Arts Officer Team reporting to the City Arts Officer. Independent Assessors (with relevant experience and expertise) support the Art Officer Team who will make recommendations on all eligible applications. 

Assessment of Neighbourhood, Voluntary & Community Mentoring Applications will be supported by the Area Offices of Dublin City Council through their Community Development section. All applications will then be assessed by a sub-committee of Elected Members of Dublin City Council from the Strategic Policy Committee.

An external assessor reviews the application process before the applications are submitted to the Elected Members.  When approved by the sub-committe of Elected Members, final approval is sought from full meetings of the Elected Members of Dublin City Council.



The public presentation (or parts thereof) of your application must take place in the Dublin City Council Administrative Area. Click here for Map
If you are applying for a Bursary you must be resident in the Dublin City Council Administrative Area. Click here for Map

You will be asked in the application form to demonstrate your awareness and ability to implement the Public Health Guidelines in relation to Covid-19.

The Company, artist or team shall ensure that there is compliance with all statutory requirements and local authority bye laws including adherence to Child Protection Policy.

Recipients of grants of €5000 or more will have to comply with the 5 key principles of the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations. For an outline of the 5 key principles see:


Recipients of grants of €10,000 or more will have to supply a current tax clearance certificate prior to first instalment and for subsequent payments of the Arts Grant.

Dublin City Council is subject to provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 1997, 2003. If you consider that any information supplied by you is either commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, this should be highlighted and the reasons for sensitivity specified. In such cases, the relevant material will, in response to an FOI request, be examined in the light of the exemptions provided for in the Acts.

For feedback, please email: Requests must be made no later than 20 days subsequent to the City Council meeting approving Arts Grants.



Apply Online through Submittable below