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Past Exhibition


Stephen Gunning

February 02 - February 24 2007

Stephen Gunning presents three new video works.

The first film was shot during the riots that disrupted the love Ulster parade through Central Dublin on the 25th Feb 2006.

The streets were transformed into a battleground, where cars were burnt out, windscreens were smashed and businesses had their windows broken. Rows of bystanders were in danger of being caught between the shifting front line of the riot. Further skirmishes broke out around the River Liffey at O’Connell Bridge and Temple Bar, mounted police reclaimed O’Connell St, before the rioters dispersed. The Riot footage is set to the pulse of raw, driving rock and roll. The second film was shot at a Rockabilly festival in Barcelona. Rockabilly is a term first used to describe music blending the 1950s style Rock and Roll with country music.

The footage is part of the rockabilly scene, a subculture that has co-opted, the looks and values of mid-twentieth century America. Compared to other subcultures they base themselves on another generation.

The work is based on observing certain lifestyles and moments in time. The works are filmed mostly in real time. Mixing formal compositions with more raw close up shots of waving hands and faces, full of detail and colour. The juxtaposition of image and sound that can collide, attract and repel, builds drama from this dynamic. Creating a dramatic structure by digitally layering sounds recorded on location.

The third work was filmed at the UCD final year exams at the RDS, Dublin. The long continuous view evokes the factual process of surveillance. The fixed perspective of the static camera allows the students to leave and enter the frame. Filmed in Real time during a three-hour exam.

Most recently Stephen Gunning has exhibited at Miveam, Montreal International Biennial, 2006. www.champlibre.com. Rencontres Internationales, Paris. www.art-action.org Inport: video/Performance festival, Estonia www.inport.tk PureScreen, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. VideoGraphies Context Gallery, Derry. Stephen Gunning is currently a lecturer in New Media at DIT.

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