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Past Exhibition

No Fighting in the War Room

Alan Mongey

July 17 - August 25 2007

No Fighting in the War Room is a culmination of a five-year body of work and concludes a series of three national exhibitions. The show is an exciting mix of interactive sculpture, video and print, inspired by the continuous threat of global terrorism and warfare – both real and imagined.

An aesthetic reminiscent of boyhood war games pervades the exhibition and this is reinforced by the title.  ‘No Fighting in the War Room’ is one of a number of recent exhibitions that make the ‘war on terror’ a central concern. Mongey’s work is an attempt to defuse, through humour, those terrorist threats so prevalent in the mass-media of today. 

The various works shown as part of 'No Fighting in the War Room' form an exaggerated version of the media's presentation of terror for our consumption. A large tank bursts through a wall, a hail of bullets whizz past the white space of the gallery, the serried ranks of the shiny, plastic, cartoonish Alpha Males are reminiscent of a toy display. Tasty Threats even gives the spectator a chocolate tank to nibble on while wandering around the exhibition. If the media presentation of the 'war on terror' creates a climate of fear, Mongey's spectacle defuses those fears through playful humour.

Alan Mongey was born in Dublin in 1972 and is a Fine Art graduate from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology. Previous exhibitions include Sculpture in Context, Kilkenny Arts Festival, S.T.A.C in Clonmel and Emsworth, England.

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