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Incubation Space Award

The Incubation Space Award is intended to enable innovative artists / arts companies / collectives - working in any artistic discipline - to research and develop new works or collaborative methodologies, over a period of one to six months, through the provision of a dedicated work-space in Unit 4, James Joyce Street.

​Applications closed on 10th November 2022 at 10am

        Chaos Factory, outside Incubation Space

What is included in the Incubation Space Award?

Based in Unit 4, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1, the Award provides a free, good sized, bright work space/studio, approx. 70.5m2. The Units consists of kitchen and washroom facilities, large heated studio and wireless broadband. While it is a flexible space, applicants should note that the cement flooring may not be suitable for dance, without the awardee arranging temporary additional measures.

Applicants may apply for a minimum of one month, up to a maximum of six months, to fall within January 2023 – December 2023. An Arts Officer will be assigned as liaison to connect awardees to the programme of the Arts Office, where relevant, or to suggest appropriate mentorship or other supports as needed.

Inside Incubation Space, Unit 4, James Joyce Street

Assessment Criteria
Quality of the research/collaborative proposal and relevance to the artists development of practice at that time (40%)
Quality of approach to documentation and sectoral/public sharing (20%)
Background and achievements to date (20%)
Appropriateness of space (of this size) to the needs of artists, and proposed Health and Safety management of space(20%)

Information Seminar
We are holding an information seminar on the award at  3pm Wednesday  October 26 , which includes a sharing of the work of previous awardees Museum of Everyone and Dublin Modular. See Eventbrite booking ( tbc)

Who has received the Incubation award in the past?
Museum of Everyone; Dublin Modular ; Kirkos Collective; Malaprop; Murmuration, Zoe Ní Riordáin and Shaun Dunne, ANU Productions,  Project Brand New,  Theatre Club; Carpet Theatre; Wilfredd Theatre; Edwina Casey and Lydia Prior;  Dublin Sound Lab; Clown Co-Op,  Outlandish Theatre, TATSOI, The Femmes Maison Collective, pre-form, Naomi Sex, Caoimhe Kilfeather & Barbara Knezevic, John Ryan, Carol Walsh, Sarah Baxter, Púca Puppets,   Anthony Keigher,   Emma Fitzgerald, Brokentalkers, Jane Deasy, Spatial Music Collective, Loose Canon, Robbie Blake & Tonnta ; Theatre Lovett ; Eoin Lynch; Cathal McGuire; Bombinate Theatre; Change of Address Collective; Basic Space;


Thisispopbaby, inside Incubation Space


Quotes from previous Awardees
Maud Hendricks
- To make new work, in collaboration with communities, the Incubation Space has been invaluable: 3 months of space and time to settle and create, with the support of DCC's Arts Office.

Brokentalkers - The Professional development of any artist is imperative and as artist’s who devise over periods of months to produce original work, having the time to experiment in the Incubation space at the development stages of Projects is vital.

Sebastian Adams (Kirkos) - I have never been more prolific…and feel I have advanced hugely as an artist. In large part this has been because of having enough space to work efficiently on installations, instrument-building and other hands-on work, and because of being able to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and having most of my equipment close to hand and well-organised. It has also been very exciting to have a space suitable for inviting other artists into for collaborations

Marian Ribon (Choreographer) & Sharon Murphy (Lens-based artist) - The Incubation Space Award offered us a rich and timely opportunity to make our collaborative project with young dancers from Dublin Youth Dance Company.. It provided us with space to collaborate on the various elements/disciplines of the project - dance, photography, video, sound and vocal testimony as well as to make work and assess progress in a great location.

Thisispopbaby - For us, the studio became an ideas factory, workshop studio and meeting hub for THISISPOPBABY's family of artists. We focussed our time on developing a new high octane show, WAKE. The studio provided a home for big ideas and allowed artistic continuity for a glorious six month stretch. We are big fans of this residency scheme and would advocate for it to be widened to other spaces, accommodating more artists and companies who can really grow if given space, time and opportunity.

Applications closed on 10th November 2022 at 10am