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Understanding the Arts Grants

In accordance with the Arts Act 2003, Dublin City Council distributes arts grants to projects and programmes in the city which are complementary to the following objectives:

  • Stimulating public interest in the Arts,
  • Promoting knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts, or
  • Improving standards in the arts within its functional area (Dublin city).

Applications for funding are invited from arts practitioners and organisations on an annual basis.

There are three categories of Dublin City Council Arts Grants funding:  

  • Revenue. For regularly funded organisations only. No new Revenue Applications will be considered until further notice.
  • Project. For one-off arts initiatives.
  • Neighbourhood/Voluntary. For local projects, voluntary initiatives and organisations.

The following FAQs takes as their prompts questions received at public information seminars, and from enquiries received by the Arts Office.

The questions will focus on Project and Neighbourhood/Voluntary funding categories only.